Today was a very good day! The sun was out and it felt like the warmest day of the year thus far! Spring is just around the corner and I am just so excited to start shooting outside again. I miss the greenery. I miss the color. One thing that I have started to get more and more into is the idea of shooting film. I have added a 35mm canon 3eos to my collection of camera gear and have been experimenting for several weeks now. I have recently fallen in love with the work of many talented film shooters such as Jose Villa and Jonathan Canlas. The pure organic and raw feel of film is just beautiful. This is one of my first rolls that I experimented with and I know I still have a long way to go. There was no post processing-just develop, scan and post. Not bad. Saves a lot of time on the computer. All I am waiting for is the weather to warm up and start shooting more film!





Obviously not in bloom yet, but we enjoyed the awesome view!



Waves were big on the north part of the island so we decided to go check them out.


While on Maui, I had the chance to visit several historical churches around the island and learn a little about each one. I am not the best landscape photographer so please forgive these generic photos! I know, I know “church hunting” is probably not a top ten to do item when visiting Maui, but maybe that was the reason why I liked it so much. What intrigued me the most was the history or the significance of each one of these places. I think we went to half a dozen locations and each one is so unique in its architecture and cultural influence.
This one here is Maui’s first Christian church, located in Lahaina, which was established by Keopuolani- the wife of King Kamehameha I and mother of his heirs. Originally called Waine’e, this church had a history of being destroyed-four times-when mighty winds blew through area. It was later renamed Waiola (water of life) after its final reconstruction. I took some shots of my favorite features of the church-the historical tombstones, Hawaiian hymnal and Hawaiian influence like the red Kahilis. Really cool!

The rest are random pictures that I thought to include just for fun! Emi loved catching crabs with Kelii at the beach! The last picture was one of the bigger crabs that we caught. They are fast little buggers! Oh, Coco and Papa let Emi and Kenji feed their rabbits carrots from the garden. They couldn’t keep their hands off of these little fur balls!

















You are probably wondering where I’ve been for the last few weeks. Well, we just got back from Maui this past week and I have been slow to post pictures from trip. I took tons of pictures and it will take me days to post all my favorites so I think I will do the trip in segments. Needless to say, we had a BLAST and it was truly hard to leave! We did not waste any time when we got there-straight to the beach. Here are a few pics from one of the many visits to the beach. Kenji had a hard time at first, but after he got use to the texture of the sand and the noise of the waves he truly owned the place. This is a beach in Kihei and the last picture is a shave ice place that we go to after the beach. My favorite- melona and blue vanilla with ice-cream and haupia topping. Then there is a place we like to eat around the corner called Da Kitchen which has just yummy plate lunches. So sad I didn’t get pictures of that place:(