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Here are before and after shots of a little levels and curve adjustment in Photoshop. I used to love that super-saturated look back in the day, but as my style evolved I found myself gravitating to a more true to life look. Those days of editing for flawless, porcelain skin and sharp, sharp, SHARP eyes are over. Shooting film has truly increased my appreciation for the simple process of producing a timeless picture. Just shoot, develop and scan with minimal adjustments. Keeping it simple.

So I had the lovely opportunity to get together with some ladies and talk basic photography. It was truly a great experience for all of us! After two hours, everybody was able to walk away from the session with a basic knowledge of how to fully use their camera in manual mode. Yes, there is that option of putting your camera on automatic and hope for the best. The second option is to really understand your camera and take control of how you would like the pictures to turn out. We also talked about how lens choice was an important factor to getting that great professional look to photos. The kit lens is a good one to start with, but upgrade as soon as you can. I brought my canon 50 mm 1.4 lens to the session and had them switch it out with their kit lenses. It made all the difference! They were on their phones the next minute buying one online. You can get a pro 50 mm 1.4 for $379 on amazon or the standard grade 50 mm 1.8 for $99.

All these images were shot on my canon 5D which I feel emulates film more than the newer bodies that are out today. I added some film presets to these images for a more organic look. I used the KODAK 800 preset from VSCO film

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